Arduino for kids: 9 ways to earn money through Arduino (Up to $1000)

Money is something that people get attracted to very easily, so do your kids, and why not? It can make your life easy, and exciting. But can you make upto $1000 with just an Arduino?

Yes, you can make $1000 with Arduino. It is a great open source tool, prototyping device, and the best device for education purposes where you can use it to make different projects, and to automate things on your own.

In this guide I will tell you 8 different ways that your kid can adopt to earn up to $1000 through Arduino.

So let’s get started and explore the amazing ways:

1. Arduino Private Tutoring

People love to learn about robotics, electronics, and coding. Arduino is the best starter tool to explore the effects of coding and electronics in an effective way.

You can offer online or offline teaching to students who are struggling to get their final year project, or hobby projects done. There are many platforms where you can give private tutoring to the students, and kids who are struggling. One good way to make money is make your own course, and sell online on such platforms like udemy, and skillshare.

From an electronics point of view, some of the lessons, or tutoring you can give to other students who are keen to learn about electronics:

  • How motors work
  • How resistor, WIFI, Bluetooth, and LED work
  • How to setup your Arduino
  • Why is it important to learn Arduino?
  • Arduino for kids: is it hard to learn Arduino in 2022?
  • Arduino for kids: what is the perfect age to get started?

From the coding point of view

  • How does the file system work
  • How memory works
  • How code is compiled to instruction
  • How instructions and processors work
  • What programming languages are you used to program an Arduino?

How much can you earn?

You can earn $40 per hour from online tutoring or if your kids are more experienced then they can earn $100 per hour. There are many platforms like upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour where you can make your gig about online tutoring about Arduino. A few days ago I saw someone giving Arduino online tutoring for $55 per hour.

2. Arduino Consultant or Arduino Expert

If you know how to do something better than others, then the less experienced person would love to pay you more for your experience, that is known as consulting . It’s an amazing opportunity and it helps students to increase their confidence, and build nice projects around their interests.

There are many students, and hobbyists around the world who actively build projects using an Arduino, but there are not many firms who provide Arduino consulting as a service. Arduino have a great potential in a lot of areas, but they are limited because of lack of awareness of people who are not aware of the product named “Arduino”.

I actually had a few clients who wanted me as an Arduino consultant; they are not really into how you make it, and what technology you use as long as the requirements are met, they are good to go.

How much can you earn?

On average charges for consulting about Arduino will start from $50 per hour to $700 per hour. The charges depend on the knowledge. People get consulting services for solving a problem regarding Arduino if they are stuck somewhere. If you help them in solving the problems you get hundreds of dollars.

3. Build tools or write software

People are willing to pay for tools that can help them to reach their goals. If the tool you make helps someone, you surely receive a handsome amount of money for adding value to their work. This mustn’t be limited to only software tools, it can be any tool that helps someone to get their goal.

Arduino is an awesome tool, and is an open source software and hardware where you can make awesome projects. All you need is a little knowledge about embedded c++, electrical connections, and coding.

Note: Don’t worry if you are not sure about the coding you can learn in 15-20 days.

Awesome ideas

Some ideas that are amazing to go after, and make a lot of money through building these projects:

  • Communications protocol devices
  • Custom debuggers
  • Improve shield compatibility
  • You can automate things like; maintain the temperature of your room. As long as your room starts getting heated your air conditioner starts automatically.
  • Home Automation

How much can you earn?

You can earn up to 250$ from a single client for your software by giving annual membership to your clients. Or you can just collect data, and sell to other people by using an Arduino.

4. Build and sell custom shields

This is some of the best approaches that anyone can use to have extra income. If you can build custom shields by using your experience, and sell at a reasonable price then you can earn upto $1000; depending how big a problem you solve it. Or it would be very great if you find out the pain point of the students where they lack, such as I found out that people struggle in H-bridges for motor robots. So I sold tons of H-bridges PCBs.

Shields that are designed and built can be sold on many platforms like fiverr, upwork, or amazon. You can build shields to overcome others problems or errors and earn money by selling. There is a big scope in the market to build your own shields and sell them.

Develop your own shield

You can develop your own shield by following these steps

  • Develop a good idea about functions of your shields
  • Design PCB with appropriate tools
  • Send your designed PCB file for manufacturing
  • Purchase the electronic components for making the shield best
  • Assemble the shield
  • Sell the shield

How much can you make?

There is a lot of potential in this area because people are not aware of the Arduino board. Students, and hobbyists are willing to pay you much higher than you expect. You can make up to $500 from the single selling of Arduino shield. Along with money, it can help you to grow in this field

5. Making a YouTube channel

With over 122 Million active daily users on YouTube makes this platform the most visited and viewed on the planet. So for Arduino makers. Sharing your knowledge about something that you really love makes you passionate, and it increases your creativity and knowledge.

Start your channel and be consistent with it, you will see results in one or two years.

Free tip: Start making videos from today. Make longer videos like 8-10 minutes. Don’t just go to analytics until you haven’t completed your 30th video. After uploading the 30th video, go to analytics and check what’s working, and what’s not working.

Best YouTube channels

Here are top 5 channels best for Arduino and making a lot of money

  1. Programming electronics
  2. Robo circuits
  3. Creativity buzz
  4. Learn Electronics
  5. Viral Hattrix

How much can you earn?

Monetize your YouTube channel and generate income from video ads. Along with the ads there is a good chance of getting a commission on every purchase anyone makes from affiliate link. Also you can get some brands on board and earn thousands of dollars by just promoting their app, or services through your Youtube channel.

6. Teach a robotics High School Class

The easiest way to earn money through Arduino is by teaching others how to use it. Once you have mastered your skills, try helping others learn it. This is because it’s easy to earn extra cash while you work on your projects.

Nowadays, Robotics is part of the Junior High and Senior High School Curriculum. Arduino is usually used when teaching classes in Robotics so you can be a part-time instructor in different schools to earn money. Since part-time instructors are not required to teach in just one school, you can maximize your earnings by teaching in many different schools.

How much can you make?

Many people have a newfound interest in learning coding as a skill. So, you can enroll yourself as a tutor for an Arduino course on different platforms to get in touch with anyone interested. These platforms are Udemy and Skillshare, where you get paid by the hour.

However, if you already have individuals who want assistance with their Arduino project, just make a group. Send a detailed plan of what skills they’ll learn in the program and your hourly rates. Usually, it varies from $25-90, depending on your experience.

7. Use Arduino for collecting and selling data

I believe that the easiest way to make money through Arduino is to use it to collect data from sensors and other interfaces and then sell that information for analytics purposes. All you have to do is connect sensors to an Arduino. Then record the data either locally or by uploading it to the cloud, and selling it to a relevant company.

For example, I know a friend whose company signed a contract with an airport to collect data regarding plan movements and sell it to them. An Arduino was connected to a radio receiver to receive signals used by planes to broadcast their position.

There are a lot of jobs available in the market for data collection. People use different techniques, and strategies to collect data for retargeting purposes, and it is one of the most high demand skills in 2022.

To make money from data collection:

  1. Connect sensor to Arduino
  2. Make sure Arduino record the data locally or uploading to cloud
  3. Sell data to companies that can use it

How much can you earn?

If you sell your Arduino to a company who can use it to save their million dollars then you can also get a handsome amount in return.

8. Build Arduino prototype for your selling product

This is the difficult way to make money with Arduino, but nothing is hard if you are determined to do it. Making a product from Arduino means developing a specific prototype that can sell someone’s problem, develop a manufacturing process, finding other people who can help you to solve the problem, developing a sales channel, and then getting the product in front of people.

Steps for developing viable Arduino project

  • Develop a best idea that solves product of someone
  • Design electronic product to solve the idea
  • Build a prototype of your idea
  • Test the prototype
  • Test your prototype with people or investors who can help you in manufacturing.
  • Manufacture your product and sell it

How much can you make with prototyping?

Prototyping of products can be sold at the rate of $1000 per unit and in this way you can make a lot of money.

9. Freelancing

One of the easiest ways to earn money through Arduino is to become a freelancer with decent earning potential. Freelancing your Arduino projects will offer flexibility and freedom to choose clients and pricing. When selecting the price range, make sure it is equivalent to the level of your expertise related to Arduino and research what your competitors are charging.

More customers are likely to hire you if you showcase your past successful projects, high rating and excellent reviews. One of the best platforms that you can use to freelance your Arduino projects includes Upwork , Fiverr and Guru . You can have potential earnings up to $60 per hour depending on your projects, description, skills and experience.

Profitable Arduino Projects

Here are five profitable Arduino projects

  • Build MIDI Controller
  • Build weather Display
  • Create a functional computer control panel
  • Build a robot Arm
  • Add Ambilight Sensor to LCD

Supporting Equipment you need to earn money with Arduino

Arduino itself is just a tool, or a prototyping device for hobbyists, and engineering students. This alone won’t be enough for you to make money through Arduino. So you need some supporting equipment with Arduino to make money. Such as you can’t build an entire prototype project with just a simple Arduino board. Following are some of the equipment you need it along with the board:

  1. Printer Cable
  2. Resistors
  3. Leds
  4. Jumper Wires
  5. Sensors
  6. Arduino Shields
  7. Capacitors

Is Arduino Profitable?

Indeed, Arduino is profitable specifically when you are a master in Arduino. You can earn as much money as you are good at working with Arduino. You can make upto million dollars in a year if you choose an Arduino and work with it efficiently. It’s a great value data collection device, an amazing prototyping tool, or a decent education setup. In all forms, Arduino is profitable.


We would try to share some of the best ideas that can help your kid to make money and to grow with Arduino. They can explore all the methods and earn their living and learn a lot. They can at least handle their daily life expenditure from this.

Mataf Khan

An electronics enthusiasts from childhood became an electrical engineer, I've been playing with Arduino and other electronics gadgets like raspberry pi since when I was 14. and have a passion of troubleshooting Arduino problems.

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