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About Arduino Guides

It was a rainy Sunday, and I was having multiple thoughts while sitting on my couch; struggling to make the decision on how can I give society back. The rain stopped, and I went straight to my friend’s garage to talk about the idea. After having a discussion with fellow friends of mine and tech enthusiasts, we concluded and decided to start a blogging website based on Arduino, Arduino Guides, Arduino Courses, Arduino Boards, Arduino Family, Differences between Arduino, Arduino Affiliate and with the urge in our mind to control electrical components on our own by using Arduino.

After a few hours, we wrote the idea on a piece of paper with my heart racing from where should we start, and how to do it. This is the picture we concluded that day. 

how we planned and started things

In just a week, Arduino Guides was live and running. I along with my friends started writing what I had studied in my electrical engineering degree, and giving the information to everybody who had never been on the premises of the school, who are interested in tech, and want to build something on their own.

Why Arduino Guides, and not some other name?

Arduino Guides is the simple keyword to understand the concept of what this website is all about. It is all about Arduino.

What is the main reason behind Arduino Guides?

Having an interest in tech, and different microcontrollers I have made so many projects such as line following robots, home automation, the internet of things, Blink LED, Inverters, and so many others during my engineering degree. The main reason Arduino Guides is a website is to give society back. I have seen many students who struggle to make simple projects, and struggle to know the simple analogy like I used to do it. So I wanted everyone to learn, make projects, and earn money with the help of Arduino

Meet the team


Mataf is a co-founder of the team at DSU Bur’raq, and an electrical engineering graduate. He has completed his 4 years engineering program back in 2019 and since then he has been working on electrical projects of his own. He also competed in Formula Student Australasia back in 2016 as a car’s electrical department head and competed in several robowars competitions in different universities.


He has also been featured and worked as a contributor in the Stasher, Yahoo, and Tribune.com.pk. He had the vision to start something of their own, and he planned to start Arduino Guides to give the teaching and their journey to the students and hobbyists where he struggled and had no one to teach him. 

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